Memoirs of a Heretic

Religion and Philosophy major at Duke. 21. ENTJ. Future New Testament scholar. Potential Priest. Episcopalian. Budding heretic stumbling towards orthodoxy. I mostly blog about theology, churches, pretty scenery, and whatever theologian-of-the-week I'm currently obsessed with. I also make a lot of Perks references I'm so sorry. More about me

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  • I'm interested in learning more about orthodoxy. Where could I start?


    It depends on where you’re coming from but these are some helpful places to start. :)  [ps. I love that you quote Wittgenstein at the top of your blog].

    Plus you can search through my ‘Orthodoxy' tag.  Hope some of these help!  Pray for me, a sinner.

    “ Protestant evangelicals have, in their treatment of gay people, almost irrevocably damaged relationships between the gay community and the Church. ”


    My priest. 

    He said this a while ago, while not his *exact* words its as close as I can remember 

    (via tyler-saurusrex)

    “ For the image is a memorial. What the book does for those who understand letters, the image does for the illiterate; the word appeals to hearing, the image appeals to sight; it conveys understanding. ”

    —    St John of Damascus, On the Divine Images (via landmarksofourfathers)
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