Memoirs of a Heretic

Religion and Philosophy major at Duke. 21. ENTJ. Future New Testament scholar. Potential Priest. Episcopalian. Budding heretic stumbling towards orthodoxy. I mostly blog about theology, churches, pretty scenery, and whatever theologian-of-the-week I'm currently obsessed with. I also make a lot of Perks references I'm so sorry. More about me

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  • “ Do you wish to honor the Body of the Savior? Do not despise it when it is naked. Do not honor it in church with silk vestments while outside it is naked and numb with cold. He who said, “This is my body,” and made it so by his word, is the same who said, ‘You saw me hungry and you gave me no food. As you did it not to the least of these, you did it not to me.’ Honor him then by sharing your property with the poor. For what God needs is not golden chalices but golden souls. ”

    —    St. John Chrysostom (via gospelofthekingdom)

    (via tenthousandangels)

    “ Orthodoxy is the only church and the only Truth. Her ecumenical mission cannot be anything else but the complete confession of this Truth. Western Christianity has been deluded by rationalism (Orthologismos) and it has lost the very meaning and the possession of the Divine Mystery, as well as, the full realization of Salvation. I consider this extremely important to have this Truth heard today by using all possible means, since the danger of slipping towards theories of relativism is great, even among the ranks of Orthodox theologians ”

    —    Father Dumitru Staniloae (via collywollykinz)


    Why do Christians feel so threatened by other people’s opinions about God? If God is God then any person’s opinion doesn’t change His nature or His character or His power. Absolutely, stand with what you believe but if you have a small, non-essential difference with someone, don’t feel like you have to “go to bat” for God. He can stand up for Himself. 

    (via blakebaggott)


    • Liturgical texts
    • Hymns (troparions, kontakions, etc)
    • Icons
    • Creeds
    • Scripture
    • Jesus Prayer
    • Lives of the Saints
    • Writings of the Fathers
    • Ecumenical Councils
    • Canons

    Together (and that list isn’t exhaustive) they give a holistic view of Orthodoxy. 

    Glory to God for His gifts and for His Church through which He shall continue to bless the world. 

    "As the Prophets have seen, as the Apostles have taught, as the Church received, as the Teachers dogmatized…"

    (Synodikon of Orthodoxy)

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